HSe-611E Heat shrink tube product packaging

Genuine Brother HSe-611E Heat Shrink Tube Tape Cassette - Black on Yellow, 5.2mm wide

This non-adhesive tape is made of a special material that is wound in the tape cassette as a flat tube. Once printed with the relevant identification details, the tube is opened up and passed over a cable or terminating connector. Once heated using a heat gun, the tube shrinks to about half its original width, and in doing so grips the cable.

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Product Details

  • 5.8mm wide, 1.5m long
  • Shrinks when heated to allow easy cable identification
  • Recommended for use with cables between 1.7mm to 3.2mm
  • Ensures durable, easily readable results
  • Suitable for cables between 0.8mm and 3.1mm in diameter
  • Shrink ratio 3:1
HSe-611E Heat shrink tube product packaging

Product Overview

Brother P-touch Pro Tapes are built with tough and durable professional grade materials and adhesives.  Developed to meet the needs of tradespeople and other professionals looking for reliable long-term identification that withstands the test of time.

This 5.8mm black on yellow HSe-611E tape cassette has been designed specifically for the marking and identifying of cables, fibre and wires with an outside diameter of 1.7mm to 3.2mm.

When the printed tube is placed over a cable and heated with a heat gun, the tube shrinks down, gripping the cable tightly. No adhesive is needed, ensuring that even in warm environments the heat shrink tube will not unpeel from the cable.

Pro Tape TZe tape cassettes are quick and easy to install and come in various label widths, colours and materials. So, no matter what the job, Pro Tapes can provide you with crisp, sharp and easily readable labels to get the job done.